The Testimony of a Former Gang Leader.


In 1998 while living in a district called Liberty, I went to an open-air gospel crusade put on by the Liberty Baptist Church. It was held at the square in Lewis. I had a tape recorder and so I recorded the message as I am always intrigue by the preaching of this man. Below is the story of his conversion which he usually gives every time he was going to preach.

His mother had two boys for two different fathers and he was the younger. His mother was poor and he was very sickly and he could not read well. His father did not take care of him so his mother held out that she was not taking the father to court because she never met him at the courthouse.

His mother got a vision and said to him one day “… you are going to be a preacher…”. He looked at his mother and said “A the gungo soup you drink fi dinner gi you nightmare. How mi fi go preach and mi can’t read”. As he continued in his cricket career, he planned to become a West Indies fast bowler, a policeman and a soldier but none worked out for him. At the age of 30, his girlfriend deceived him and he planned to cut off the girlfriend head and take it to the police station and when the police lock him up he was going to hang himself. On his way to commit the act, he stopped at a shop to purchase a pack of cigarette. There was an old man standing at the shop window and the man said to him “what you say you going to do don’t do it. I have a friend name Jesus, let me pray with you.” He took off his cap and bowed his head and the man prayed for him. Commend him to God and 46 years later he was giving that testimony at Lewis district in the square.

That man was from Saint Mary and he was called “Brother Dixon.” That’s the name everyone who knew him called him. He died sometime between 2001 and 2002. He travelled right across Jamaica preaching from whorehouses to prisons, that was his calling. Please listen him give his testimony in the clip below. Also visit my Youtube Channel


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