Its the wrong car!!!

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 Many of us have been to functions, sporting events, funerals, weddings etc.. and from time to time we look at the parking lot and see vehicles that look so much like each other.Same color and model. The only thing that seperates them is the license number. If you are viewing the vehicle from the sides, you are very unlikely to tell the difference between them.

This is ok, if you are just looking at cars in a parking lot or a function. Things can be very different when you make the mistake of climbing up and sitting on the bonnet of the car, or  putt ng your child on the top and playing with him/her, or putting your meal that you just bought on the roof and searching for the key to open the door but it's the wrong car. Just a"look alike" car.

Last sunday just after returning from school, I went to a supermarket at Eight Rivers Plaza in Ocho Rios. I walked along the isles, looking at the prices and just when I was about to pick up some items I remembered that I did not take any bag with me. As you may know the supermarkets no longer give you those plastic bags. I purchased a small amount of  items in the supermarket and went out. Totally oblivious to my surroundings, I marched outside and headed to the car. I know I parked just infront of the supermarket. I lay the items i had purchased on top of the car and proceeded to open the door. It would not budge. First I thought the battery in the remote was dead. I walked around the car, and as I pressed the remote, I tried each of the four doors. None would open. There was a car next to me with a woman inside it. She was looking curiously at me. I thought she was too nosey and so continued my task of trying to open the car.

Then a voice whispered to me "look into the car." I looked and I saw a bag on the back seat. I was surprised. I did not have a bag on my seat. I went to the front of the car and looked at the license plate. To my humiliation, it was not my car. I turned to the right and looked, and two cars away was my car. What could I do? I started laughing. After I recovered from the embarrassment, I asked myself, what if the real owner was watching and thought I was trying to break into his/her car? I could be in trouble. Suppose the owner was a boxer or wrestler and he came up to me while I was interfering with his car and just throw me to the ground. Or he gave me a neck hold and I could not move. It would be all over social media and I would have gone viral. Not the kind of publicity one would want. I am happy that was not the case.

The lesson I learned was, next time I am in a crowded parking lot I will look at the license plate first before I attempt to go in the vehicle.

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Thank you.


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